Reasons Why your Download Speed is Slow

There are could be several reasons due to which you are facing slow internet speed. In Nighthawk App this article, I have shared all the possibilities due to which you are facing this issue. Once these issues are recognized then you can easily resolve them. Slow download speed may be due to some kind of error in your network or some technical hitch in your modem or router. We will discuss it all here and tell you how you resolve them too.

Reasons Why your Download Speed is Slow
Reasons Why your Download Speed is Slow

I have shared basic and some advanced level troubleshooting steps for you to perform on your router, modem, and connected device. The all given methods are proven in positive results and definite improvements in the download speed. Please make sure that these steps will work best for Windows operating systems like Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows 8. You don’t have to accustom yourself to slow internet speeds anymore now. I assure you that all these methods will converge into Download Nighthawk App for Computer better download speed.

How to Improve Internet Download Speed

Before getting started with these steps and methods I want to inform you that this is not an expedited process. You need to have patience while following these troubleshooting steps. Be careful you don’t have to erroneously delete any vital file or folder from the connected device. So, now let’s get started with methods.

Reboot Modem or Router

This is the first method that you could implement to improve your internet’s download speed. Like computers and other computing devices router and modems get overloaded. This overload of information could result in slow performance of the router and slow internet speed. This particular issue could be easily resolved by rebooting your router or modem. According to some suggested network blogs, you should always restart your modem or router once a month.

So, if you have not performed the reboot on your router then I suggest you do it right away. Before turning on the device give it a pause of 10 seconds. You must remove any sort of backup power supply or battery to make sure that the router gets switched off properly. You have to unplug the router from the power source and turn it back on after waiting for 10 seconds. Once is turned back on, now connected only one single device to it and check the internet download speed.

Check and Compare

In this second step, you can determine the issue is with your router, modem, or a connected device like a laptop or phone. Disconnected all previously connected devices and just connect to only one device. Now stop any downloads and uploading going on in the background in that device like Netflix etc. After making the internet tasks natural now check the internet download speed using any online website or by downloading the file.

After performing the speed test if you are still facing the same slow download speed then this makes it clear that the issue is with your router or ISP connection not with your devices. You can launch a complaint to your current ISP and raise a request for an on-site visit to fix this issue. Don’t worry we still have a ray of hope. Let’s move to the next method.

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