How to Setup VPN in Windows

Connecting the VPN in Windows 10 is after for easy than you think. The best thing Nighthawk App is that now VPN services include an app for Windows 10 version which makes connectivity an easy thing. In the action bar, you will a dedicated icon to start or terminate a VPN connection with just one click. Windows 10 has improved all these years. To install and set up a VPN you must make sure that Windows 10 is not in safe mode boot up.

How to Setup VPN in Windows
How to Setup VPN in Windows

VPN actually allows you to access the internet through an encrypted tunnel. This means nobody can access or use your data transferred through a VPN network. Generally, it’s always a better choice to use the VPN connection over normal when you have to make online payments and if you have to transfer some confidential data. Now I am going to share the steps to connect the VPN to Windows 10. Please make sure these steps are only liable for Windows 10 version only. If you Download Nighthawk App for Computer want to use VPN in Windows 7 or other Windows version.

How to Connect VPN in Windows 10

  1. The first step is your Windows 10 operating system has installed the latest updates released this month by Microsoft. These latest updates have limited some loopholes from the primitive version of Windows 10.
  2. Once new updates are installed in Windows 10, now we can move further to the VPN connection.
  3. Now right-click on the Start button/Windows Key
  4. Go to the “Settings” option.
  5. Now you have to go to the “Network and Internet” option given under the settings page.
  6. On the left side, you will see the option VPN.
  7. Click on the VPN tab
  8. Now select the VPN provider from the dropdown list.
  9. Click on Windows (built-in)
  10. Now you have to click on the field of Connection name.
  11. Click on the field of Server name or address.
  12. Now have to type Server in the address bar.
  13. Select VPN from the dropdown list
  14. Now click on the connection protocol
  15. Type Sign-In info.
  16. Click on VPN now it will show you in the list
  17. Finally, you have to click on the connect button.
  18. Sign-in enter username and password.

The above-given steps are all that you need to set up the VPN in Windows 10. If you are still facing any issues then I request you to contact the team and they will assist you to connect the VPN. Bookmark this webpage for the latest updates and news on Windows 10 VPN.

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