Best Online PDF to Word Converter

The full form of PDF is Portable Document Format. This type of file format is popular Nighthawk App and makes it easy to share files over the internet. In this article, I will provide you information on one of the best online pdf to word converters. PDF does not changes the format of the file or make any versions as shared with others through the internet or offline medium. As everything thing every product has some pros and cons PDF does not allow you to edit the content in the file once created.

Best Online PDF to Word Converter

So, in order to edit the PDF file, you need to convert it into an MS Office Word file. Download Nighthawk App for Computer You need to use pdf to word converter to do so. There are both paid and free converters available on the internet. I will provide links and names of some of the best file converters to make your task easy. Before getting started I want to inform you that you should make a backup copy of the same file. In the worst-case scenarios, you might corrupt the desired file.

4 Best Online PDF to Word Converter

If you want to covert more than one file at once then you have to opt for the paid version of PDF converters. And if you don’t have that big requirement then you can easily download and use free or trial versions of the same software application for Windows.


This is one of the best and most popular free PDF to Word file converter and it supports various types of file formats too. This means you can use this converter to convert another type of file format into word, Which is I think best complementary feature. To download the tool you need to visit Go4Convert official website. Open any web browser and go to Then search for Go4Covert you will find the official website, click on it and download the software for Windows. They have their online file conversion system which allows you to convert PDF to Word without the need to download the software.

Download Go4Convert for Windows
Download Go4Convert for Windows

Features of Go4Convert

  • Very easy to use and simple to understand dashboard
  • Better quality than any other PDF converter tools
  • Don’t need to download and install software on a Windows computer
  • Quick conversion process
  • Reduced file size


Smallpdf is totally free to use and convert files from PDF to Word. It allows you to convert files online and you don’t need to download the files on your computer system. Smallpdf has some of the exciting features which allow you to convert PDF to image formats too. To convert the file you just need to go to their official website and click on the upload option and select the file to which you want to convert. It will take a few minutes to convert the file and after the conversation, you can download the file on your computer for further sharing and use. The file format is compatible with all popular online drives like Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. I have shared some of the key features of Smallpdf below.

download Smallpdf for Windows 10
download Smallpdf for Windows 10

Features of Smallpdf 

  • Easy and simple to use interface
  • Quick processing
  • No registration required
  • Support all platforms like Windows and Mac
  • Quick response time

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