How to Switch ON iPhone 11

This article is all about Apple’s iPhone 11 and its features. If you have just bought a Nighthawk App new iPhone 11 and you don’t it’s all its features and how to use it then don’t worry in this article I have shared all the features of the iPhone 11 and how to use them all. You don’t need to disquiet, you can access the unlimited features this phone supports for free. You just have to tap at the right places.

How to Switch ON iPhone 11
How to Switch ON iPhone 11

It’s always a great gesture to use prominent devices that are more reliable than others in the market. iPhone’s are always known for all quality and stable operating systems and hardware. iPhone model 11 has a high-resolution camera with a flash. All the cameras perform very well in low light conditions. The glass back gives it a premium look and feel. So Download Nighthawk App for Computer now let’s get started with the steps that how we can switch on the iPhone 11.

How to Turn on iPhone 11

There are several methods to perform this task. I will share all the possible and accurate ways to switch on the iPhone 11. Try all methods one by one and do not skip any of them. I assure you that all three methods will work very well. So let’s get started with the steps without wasting further time.

First Method

In this method, I am sharing the steps to switch on the iPhone 11 using the Lock option available.

  1. First, you have to hold the lock button of the iPhone 11 for at least 3 seconds. Once it switches back on it will allow you to unlock using the swipe up option on the screen.
  2. You have to wait for a few minutes before the Apple logo pops up on the screen of the iPhone.
  3. When the Apple logo pops up then stop pressing the power button otherwise it will shut down again.
  4. Now you will the iPhone is switched back on.

Second Method

This is the second method in which we will try to switch back the iPhone by connecting it to the charger. Let’s get started with the steps right now.

  1. First, connect the iPhone 11 with its original charger that came with it in the box.
  2. Now press the lock button
  3. Please make sure the charger is working and connected to the A.C power supply.
  4. Now Plug the USB into your iPhone and the port
  5. Wait for at least 10 minutes. and long-press the lock key
  6. If the iPhone 11 gets switched on and turns off quickly this means you needed to replace the battery.

Third Method

The third is the most common one and you could have done it before. but anyway I have shared the steps please check and follow them on the last try.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Find shutdown options
  3. Tap on Restart

I hope all the above-given steps would have resolved your issue but if you are still facing the same issue then I advise you to contact the team and they will guide you further. Bookmark this webpage for the latest updates on iPhone.

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