How to Reset Any Soundbar

If you want to reset your Soundbar then you are on the right web page. Nighthawk App Here I will share the steps and troubleshooting methods to reset your soundbar. Internet of Things is easy to use but if you the stuck somewhere then you always have to troubleshoot for the solution. Some issues are quick to resolve while others take a few hours to get successfully sorted. I will share all the methods to make sure that your soundbar gets reset.

How to Reset Any Soundbar
How to Reset Any Soundbar

Some people go online methods and to find a solution for the soundbar and others visit local stores to make it work again. Any manufacturer provides a basic manual to inform how the specific works under certain conditions. You can also check the soundbar’s manual to check what is the process of the reset if you didn’t find it online. Download Nighthawk App for Computer However here in this article, I will share steps for the Samsung soundbar specifically. No doubt this troubleshooting will work for any soundbar. So, let’s get started now.

Soundbar Troubleshooting and Reset Steps

I suggest you follow the below-given steps before visiting any service center because there might be a trivial issue with your soundbar, you could save some bucks. I have already said that these steps are specific to Samsung’s soundbar. So let’s get started with the troubleshooting steps right now.

Problem: Soundbar not Turning on


  1. First, confirm that the soundbar is connected to the active power supply.
  2. If still didn’t work out then disconnected the connected power cable and connect back and check if the soundbar turns on now.
  3. Change the power cable and try again.

Problem: Subwoofer not Working


  1. check the connection of the subwoofer and make sure that it is an active power supply.
  2. If not connected subwoofer directly to the outlet and check if it turn on.
  3. Now check the ID set button on the backside of the subwoofer and using a paperclip press the reset button and reset the subwoofer.

More Troubleshooting Steps

Troubleshoot HDMI: Check if the connected HDMI cable is working, there could be an issue in the HDMI port too. You can replace the HDMI cable and confirm the problem is with HDMI or port.

Troubleshoot Bluetooth: you have to confirm that there might be an issue with inbuilt Bluetooth in the soundbar. Sometimes Bluetooth card gets burned due to overheating.

All above are the possible troubleshooting steps for the soundbar. If you are still facing any issues then I suggest you contact the team and resolve it. Bookmark this webpage for more latest article n troubleshooting steps for Samsun products

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