How to Delete WIN Files in Windows 10

If you have downloaded the incomplete Windows 10 update and stuck in between, Nighthawk App don’t worry I will share how to delete WIN downloaded files and start the update again from zero. This issue could be occurred due to an unstable internet connection while updating the Windows files. So, this could result in a deadlock and you can not able to complete the Windows update successfully. Microsoft Windows by default has set updates to all Windows enabled. If the auto-update option is disabled then you have to do it manually.

How to Delete WIN Files in Windows 10
How to Delete WIN Files in Windows 10

You can resolve these corrupted files issues just by deleting them all. Make sure that you always complete the Windows updates successfully before shutting it down. In laptops, the issue is generally caused due to a drained-out battery which results in a shutdown, and Windows updates got stuck. But here in this article, I will share all the steps Download Nighthawk App for Computer to delete the WIN Windows files and install the updates.

How to Delete Windows 10 Update Files

The following steps will guide you to delete the WIN Windows files from your computer/laptop. To delete the files you need to use the batch method. In this method first, you have to create a default batch file and that file will delete all the corrupted files associated with WIN Files. So let’s get started with the steps right now.

  1. The first step is to use an open Notepad. You can use the desktop shortcut or press the Windows key and search for Notepad software.
  2. Now you have to paste the following code into the notepad. Make sure you do not edit anything in the code otherwise this will not work.
  3. net stop wuauserv
    cd /d %SystemRoot%\SoftwareDistribution
    del /s /q /f Download
    net start wuauserv
  4. After pasting the code in the Notepad save this file as “.cmd” on the desktop.
  5. Now you have to right-click on the saved file and go to “Run as Administrator”
  6. The final step is to restart your PC.
  7. After the PC is restarted go and check for Windows 10 updates again.

I hope the above-given steps have resolved your concern, if you are still enabled to delete the WIN files from your Windows 10 then I request you to contact the team. Bookmark this webpage for the latest updates on Windows 10 and other versions.

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