How to Change Name on Tinder

Here in this article I will the steps to rename the Tinder account. Nighthawk App Tinder is an app used all over the world specially by the youth audience. In general, this app is built to use on smartphone platforms like Android and iPhone. But if you want to use this app in a Windows operating system then that can be possible by using the android emulator.

How to Change Name on Tinder
How to Change Name on Tinder

In the Tinder app, you can share your pics and information with others with who you want to meet up and build a friendship. It works on a simple principle that you have to judge someone from their pictures available in the Tinder app and if you liked the person and their personality then you can. You just have to swipe right in order to send a notification to the selected person in the Tinder app and if they also liked your profile then they can accept the request and you can meet up further.

How to Rename Account Name in Tinder App

The following steps will guide you on how to change the name of the account in Download Nighthawk App for Computer the Tinder app. I recommend you to follow all the below-given steps. So, now let’s get started with the steps.

  1. The first task is to download th Tinder app in your smartphone.
  2. You can not change the name itself on the Tinder app.
  3. Go to Facebook website
  4. Now click on Facebook settings

I hope the above given steps have assited you to change thename in your Tinder account, if you are still facing the sam issue then I suggest you to contact the team and they will resolve this issue for you. Bookmark this webpage for latest update and release notifcations for Tinder app.

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